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AccuWeb Hosting is the largest US hosting provider that has operated on the market since 2003. The company is positioned as a platform for a wide profile, where you can order all types of hosting, buy a domain or get additional options to the existing tariff. At the moment, the number of active websites based on this hosting has exceeded 1,000,000. The reason for its popularity is a democratic pricing policy and a competent approach to ensuring stability and high servers performance.

The company accuwebhosting-com accepts card or PayPal payments. All plans have a 30-day money-back period.


AccuWeb offers customers a wide range of tariff plans in such categories as Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting and specialized tariff plans for WordPress sites. The terms of service are presented below.

Shared Windows-based hosting

The prices for all presented tariffs are available if paid for 3 years.

Cumulus Cloud ($ 5.09 per month)

  • 1 domain on 1 cloud;
  • 3 GB storage;
  • 500 GB of bandwidth per month;
  • 150 email accounts;
  • 1 SQL 2008 database (250 MB of data and 1 GB of transaction).

Stratus Cloud ($ 7.49 per month)

  • 3 domains on 1 cloud;
  • 10 GB storage;
  • 750 GB of bandwidth per month;
  • 200 email accounts per domain;
  • 1 SQL 2008 database.

Cirrus Cloud ($ 14.49 per month)

  • 5 domains on 1 cloud;
  • 25 GB storage;
  • 1 TB of bandwidth per month;
  • Free dedicated IP for 1 domain for a year;
  • 300 email accounts per domain;
  • 2 SQL 2008 databases.

All rates in this subcategory include:

  • SolidCP control panel;
  • Unlimited mySQL 5.1.x database;
  • The latest ASP.Net Framework;
  • Classic ASP support;
  • PHP and Perl support;
  • AJAX support;
  • Windows OS.

Cloud hosting on Linux

The prices for all presented tariffs are available if paid for 3 years.

Personal website ($ 4.79 per month)

  • Unlimited websites;
  • 10 GB storage;
  • 500 GB of bandwidth;
  • 150 email accounts.

Small business website ($ 12.99 per month)

  • Unlimited websites;
  • 30 GB of cloud storage;
  • 750 GB of bandwidth;
  • 500 email accounts.

Enterprise website ($ 18.99 per month)

  • Unlimited websites;
  • 50 GB of cloud storage;
  • 1 TB of bandwidth;
  • 1000 email accounts.

All tariffs in this subcategory include such options as:

  • Free SSL;
  • cPanel;
  • LiteSpeed ​​with LSCache plugin;
  • PHP 7.x and mySQL 5.6.x;
  • 1 click installation of WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other popular CMS.

Dedicated servers

The company offers a huge selection of dedicated servers located all over the world. At the moment, the basic tariff in the category is a plan on the following terms:

  • Dedicated server Bare Metal;
  • Dedicated resources and full control;
  • Self-managed and fully managed Linux / Windows servers;
  • Customizable server configuration;
  • 8-512 GB RAM;
  • Drives: SATA / Enterprise / SSD / NVMe;
  • Cost: from $ 80 per month.

The company offers servers adapted for different tasks. Depending on the scope, all servers are divided into the following categories:

  • Classic;
  • Advanced;
  • Infrastructure;
  • For data storage;
  • High availability servers;

At the time of writing the review, 900+ servers with individual characteristics are available to the buyer. All of them can be filtered using the search parameters and rented directly on the website.


In this category, the company makes it possible to use hosting based on Windows (from 7.99 USD) or Linux (from 5 USD). The Windows-based VPS subcategory includes the following tariff plans.

Classic VPS (from $ 7.99 per month)

  • Self-managed VPS;
  • SAN 40-640 GB;
  • Bandwidth: 1-7 TB per month;
  • 1-8 GB RAM;
  • 1-2 dedicated IPs (IPV4);
  • 1-4 vCPU.

SSD VPS (from $ 10.00 per month)

  • Fast managed VPS;
  • SSD 40-640 GB;
  • Bandwidth: 1-7 TB per month;
  • 1-8 GB RAM;
  • 1-4 dedicated IP (IPV4);
  • 1-4 vCPU.

Cloud VPS (from $ 17.99 per month)

  • Self-managed VPS;
  • Cloud disk: 40-640 GB;
  • Bandwidth: 1-7 TB per month;
  • 1-32 GB RAM;
  • 1-4 dedicated IPs (IPV4);
  • 1-8 GHz vCPU.

Forex VPS (from $ 15.00 per month)

  • Optimized for Forex software managed VPS;
  • SSD 40-640 GB;
  • Bandwidth: 1-7 TB per month;
  • 1-2.5 GB RAM;
  • 1 IP (IPV4);
  • 1-4 vCPU cores;
  • 24/7 VPS monitoring.

For all tariff plans in this category the company provides:

  1. Daily and weekly backup;
  2. 9% uptime;
  3. Remote desktop access;
  4. Guaranteed moneyback;
  5. 24/7 support.

Other tariff plans

AccuWeb Hosting provides a huge selection of hosting services and other products in a wide variety of categories. It makes no sense to note all the tariffs, since there are a lot of them. You can get acquainted with all of them on Let’s note only the most interesting ones:

WordPress hosting (from 2.99 USD per month);

Windows-based reseller hosting (from 26.99 USD per month);

Linux-based reseller hosting (from 8.99 USD per month).

Also, the range of services provided includes domain registration, SSL certificates, CDN, web design and SEO services, as well as anti-spam protection and much more.


AccuWeb offers a lot of interesting hosting products at a wide price range. Here on the official website you can find both inexpensive Shared hosting and first-class high-performance dedicated servers. The great advantage of the company is that it lets you customize servers for specific project’s needs. Any required option, such as CDN or SSL, can be connected in one click.

Among the strengths of the provider there are high-quality support service, fast equipment and loyal pricing policy. In addition, the site provides a comprehensive knowledge base that you can use to learn the intricacies of server administration. If you need a reliable platform to launch a new project or you are interested in migrating your website to advanced servers, it makes sense to consider accuwebhosting-com as a worthy alternative.

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