3QT price, tokenomics news and roadmap


3QualiTy is the newest solution in providing charity. 3QT price was set to $0.001963 mark on the launch day. At a hard time when lots of people require helping hand, the successful investors got fortunate through crypto trading, they decide to share their savings with someone else.

Help others buying the 3QT crypto – main purpose of this project

Main objective of creating a 3Quality community was in channeling a certain amount of wealth, that cycles in Blockchain network, to persons who require our assistance, to life-saving organizations which are taking care of human lives and responsible in saving them. Main objective was achieved by designing a structure that generate revenue by selling ads through Treasure Hunt. 15% of all profit goes to the Charity Wallet, and funds are used for paying staff and keep the platform on the go. Treasure Hunt is the way to distribute the 3QT crypto for others, this method helps to attract new users. Since the project brings new investors, advertisers will be attracted equally.

3QT token as a part of the biggest charitable service

Online store plays a huge role in our main mission, where main objects of sales are apparel and memorabilia. As usual, 15% of total profit goes to 3QT token charity wallet. 3Quality sub goal is the most secured partnership between corporate world and the platform. Thus, the company gets more abilities to accomplish more positive tasks on a bigger scale.

The charity platform works only with trusted and registered charity programs worldwide. Rigorous authorization among transparent service politics during the process of charity, guarantees to filter the corruption in this particular area of business.

Staying on contact with this service provides you with the following:

  1. Volunteering – they need people like you, for noble goals
  2. Donating – you can always help ta save someone’s life, donate if you can
  3. Requesting help – you can request a helping hand for yourself or other people, who may require urgent assistance.
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