3Dcart website builder review, shift4shop-com advantages and disadvantages

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3Dcart is one of the oldest platforms for building online stores. It was presented back in 1997 and has undergone many changes since then. At the moment, it is a multifunctional web-builder with a large number of integrated innovative solutions, which lets you adapt an e-commerce website to almost any business task. 3Dcart-based online store includes such useful options as CRM, blog, newsletter and much more. A special plus is a powerful API that facilitates the integration of the store with third-party tools and applications, including Ebay and Amazon.

3Dcart offers its users several tariff plans. At the moment you can only pay for the services by credit card. Also customers are provided with a 15-day trial version of the product. During this time you will have every opportunity to assess all the strengths and weaknesses of 3Dcart.


3Dcart offers customers 4 tariff plans on the following terms.

Basic Store

  • Price: $ 29 per month;
  • 2 team members;
  • No additional commissions;
  • Unlimited items.

Plus Store

  • Price: $ 79 per month;
  • 5 team members;
  • No additional commissions;
  • Unlimited items.

Pro Store

  • Price: $ 229 per month;
  • 15 team members;
  • No additional commissions;
  • Unlimited items.

End-to-End Ecommerce

  • For US users only;
  • Special offer: $ 0 per month ($ 229 per month);
  • Unlimited team members;
  • No limits;
  • Shift4 payments.

All pricing plans, without exception, include a built-in blog, Facebook store and API access. All service suites have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited orders.


Simple and well thought-out navigation is one of the key advantages of 3Dcart. A convenient and intuitive control panel lets you quickly set up your store and process orders online. The main controls are located in the left menu and include items such as:

  1. Dashboard;
  2. Orders;
  3. Products;
  4. Customers;
  5. Marketing;
  6. Content;
  7. My shortcuts;
  8. Settings;
  9. Reports;

A big knowledge base and introductory training videos will help you understand the functionality of the platform shift4shop-com. In turn, the support service is also always ready to help. Designing and setting up a store is possible in a step-by-step mode, so even without preliminary preparation you can run a full-fledged e-commerce site.

When adding a product to the store’s assortment, the user uploads an image, specifies the category and price, adds a description and keywords. The form also assumes setting up delivery methods, discounts and sale terms.

Assortment and inventory management on the 3Dcart platform is pretty straightforward. An administrator can see all ending items in a convenient format for timely replenishment of the stocks. For the convenience of inventory management, filtering fields are provided. A pleasant bonus is the function of tracking customers awaiting the receipt of a particular position, which lets you establish constructive interaction with the buyer and promptly inform him about the product of interest arrival.

SEO and marketing

The “Marketing” tab contains all the tools related to the search engine optimization of an online store. This includes:

  1. URL setting;
  2. txt file setting;
  3. Google Analytics integration;
  4. Social buttons;
  5. Meta tag management;
  6. xml setting;
  7. Other tools.

This menu also offers marketing elements such as auto replies, group certificates, email newsletters and a range of other customer incentive tools.

A huge plus of this platform is that you can connect almost any payment method. In addition to standard bank cards, it is possible to pay in cash, by bank transfers, by checks and many other methods. There are more than 150 of them. Each user can also integrate with QuickBooks to manage accounts of payment systems in a single interface.

Security and support

3Dcart is considered an advanced and secure platform. The system complies with the PCI standard, which confirms the security of all financial transactions on the site. The same applies to the confidentiality of users’ personal data, which are reliably protected. In addition, the platform implements FraudWatch technology, which blocks suspicious transactions in order to avoid fraudulent actions with credit cards from third parties. Also, all sites that are based on the platform are provided with a free SSL certificate.

As for the support service, the consultations of 3Dcart specialists are 24/7 available to customers. Communication is possible by telephone or via Email. Also, users can easily find answers to many questions that arise in the extensive knowledge base presented on the website. Third-party designer services are also available for clients looking to deeply design their brand.


The platform offers over 100 different responsive templates that you can customize as you wish. All offered themes are free. A user just needs to choose the appropriate one and customize it in accordance with the general design concept of the store. Unlike many other platforms shift4shop-com, where templates differ from each other only slightly, here is a fundamentally different situation. Each theme is unique. At the same time, all templates are divided into categories, which allows you to choose an organic design for a specific thematic niche. In particular, there are separate themes for stores selling electronics, musical instruments, baby products, etc. In terms of templates and customization options, 3Dcart is truly one of the best builders.


If you need a web-builder that offers a rich toolkit for organizing full-fledged online sales, then 3Dcart will 100% satisfy you. This tool is incredibly easy to learn and use, despite the fact that it is functional and lets you make a fairly deep customization of the website to suit your needs. A huge plus is the presence of an experienced support team that will help you complete any task and solve any problem that may arise. Therefore, for starting a business on the network, 3Dcart is ideal, and you can see it for yourself by testing its functionality in trial mode.

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