A new concept that grows with token holders – 37Protocol price, tokenomics, market cap


3.7 Protocol – is a brand-new project that provides fixed revenue sharing of 70%, that is generated by DAPP, directly to coin owners. 37Protocol price was at $4.12 mark. The value of 3.7 token is based on advertisement income.

37Protocol crypto project – advertising and sharing profit

Talking about the project, 3.7 protocol is an ERC-20 token, which has dividing system, that guarantees 70% of bounty gained from advertisement delivered to holders two times per year, the gain amount is paid by DAPP Cash. The other 30% will be spent to make 37Protocol crypto community a better place.

Cash is the same as the KRW value and can be withdrawn by user.


  1. Advertising amount – 1 billion Korean Won
  2. Revenue paid: 700 million Won (70%)
  3. Distribution of N/1 profit to token holders

37P token – payout distribution based on ads

All active investors will be paid with 70% of DAPP ads revenue.

Every holder is granted the right to enter premium prize events such as gold bar, bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Only 37P token holders can purchase various products provided by our partner companies at the lowest price on DAPP.

Without previous notice, members who own crypto, will be exclusively airdropped according to the current coin ratio.

Project Roadmap V1

• 2021.
4Q : Lucky Ball platform open

• 2022.

1Q: Commerce update

2Q: Enter The blockchain business

3Q: Advertisement system establishment

4Q: 3.7 Protocol wallet development

• 2023.

1Q: Establishment of advertising revenue distribution system

2Q: Mainnet conversion

3Q: Prize game update

4Q: P2P (Market Network) Update

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