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1984hosting.com Overview

1984 Hosting Company is hosting company that offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS. Their servers are placed in Iceland. 64% of user reviews who used 1984 Hosting Company are positive.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server with 1984 is highly reliable and very stable. Our VPSs run on enterprise-level hardware in highly secure Icelandic data centers.

 INSTANT SETUP VPS up and running within seconds from purchase.

 Autoinstall images, such as OpenVPN, LEMP, Debian, Ubuntu and more.

 Preconfigured OpenVPN up and running on port 443, logging to /dev/null and using itself for DNS, keys automatically generated and a client file sent to customer when server is up. The only true non-logging VPN is the one you have full control over.

 Out of band access available via VNC console in the control panel.

 Management tools, set PTR record, control power, re-install, mount ISO images.

FreeDNS service

FreeDNS is a high quality DNS service running on multiple servers in several locations. FreeDNS is free as in freedom and free as in gratis for one and all, and it will remain so.

 As many zones as you like, no limits.

 DDOS protection.

 Automatic DNSSEC handling.

 Web redirects.

 Zone history and restore option.

 The ability to run own master and use FreeDNS as secondary or backup nameservers.

Domain Registration Service

In addition to FreeDNS we also offer domain registration and domain transfer service including domain privacy for the Top Level Domains that allow whois privacy.

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