0x (ZRX) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was launched back in 2016. It is a non-profit company.

0x is an open-source multi-purpose protocol (not an application) that is developed to facilitate the trading of ERC20 tokens, which can be broadcast between network participants in a secure and fast mode with the use of Ethereum smart contracts. Any person and organization can use it to work with the decentralized exchange since the registration is non-mandatory here. Trading conducted with the help of smart contracts is considered to be free and accessible to all. This means that all assets, including traditional fiat money, shares, and goods, can be represented as a token. The goal of the project is to use any Ethereum tokens. Centralized exchanges can be subject to hacks and security failures. The platform supports the network effect, that is, the more 0x is used, the more valuable ZRX becomes since investors tend to exchange with high volume and low demand. Here developers have the opportunity to use the project when creating their own decentralized applications for currency (exchange) trading and charge commission fees, the amount of which is set by them, for the services provided.

ZRX is a system token that can be used to pay for retranslator services, which also allows holders to vote for changes in the protocol. ZRX is traded on many popular exchanges.

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